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Tri Wedge Wall™

For garden walls with style and simplicity, choose Tri Wedge Wall

Tri Wedge Wall Standard Unit
95 x 184 x 285/210 mm
3.74 x 7.24 x 11.22/8.25 in
Features and Benefits
  • A tri-face garden wall that is ideal for curved planters and edging
  • Tri Wedge creates a 585mm (23") outside radius [3 pcs required for a 90° corner, 12 pcs for a full circle]
  • For a smooth cap, use Wallstone 12" Coping Unit, Wallstone 18" Coping Unit or Wedgestone Wall Coping Unit.

Available Colors
Burnt Red Blend
Burnt Red Blend
Conestoga Buff Blend
Conestoga Buff Blend
Granite Blend
Granite Blend
Note: Swatches may not always accurately represent actual color. Please visit a Dealer to view actual samples before purchasing.