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Old Mill Cobble™

Put a contemporary spin on tumbled pavers with Old Mill Cobble

Old Mill Cobble Large Square
312 x 312 x 70 mm
12.28 x 12.28 x 2.76 in
Old Mill Cobble Large Rectangle
312 x 208 x 70 mm
12.28 x 8.19 x 2.76 in
Old Mill Cobble Square
208 x 208 x 70 mm
8.19 x 8.19 x 2.76 in
Old Mill Cobble Rectangle
208 x 104 x 70 mm
8.19 x 4.09 x 2.76 in

Cobble Circle Bundle

Old Mill Cobble Center Stone

Old Mill Cobble 45° Wedge

Old Mill Cobble 15° Wedge

Old Mill Cobble 3/4 Stone

Features and Benefits
  • Old Mill Cobble creates true random patterns with ease
  • Use Cobble Circle to incorporate circles and curves in your design
  • Cobble Circle creates one 2286mm (7' 6") diameter circle

Available Colors
Fieldstone Mix
Fieldstone Mix
Granite Blend
Granite Blend
Terra Cotta Blend
Terra Cotta Blend
Dawson Grey Blend
Dawson Grey Blend
Mountain Beige Blend
Mountain Beige Blend
Sierra Black
Sierra Black*
Note: Swatches may not always accurately represent actual color. Please visit a Dealer to view actual samples before purchasing.
* Available in Rectangle Only