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Create a landscape that is naturally elegant with Kensington

Kensington Rectangle
279 x 209 x 80 mm
10.98 x 8.23 x 3.15 in

Mixed Bundle

Kensington Large Rectangle
419 x 279 x 80 mm
16.50 x 10.98 x 3.15 in
Kensington Square
279 x 279 x 80 mm
10.98 x 10.98 x 3.15 in
Kensington Small Rectangle
279 x 139 x 80 mm
10.98 x 5.47 x 3.15 in
Features and Benefits
  • Four unique natural stone textures for an elegant cut stone appearance
  • Available in Rectangle Bundle (ideal for borders) and Mixed Bundle (Large Rectangle, Square and Small Rectangle combined)
  • 80 mm thickness is suitable for commercial and residential applications
  • Mixed Bundle suitable for mechanical installation

Available Colors
Appalachian Brown Blend
Appalachian Brown Blend
Canyon Grey Blend
Canyon Grey Blend
Desert Grey Blend
Desert Grey Blend
Sierra Black
Sierra Black*
Granite Blend
Granite Blend*
Note: Swatches may not always accurately represent actual color. Please visit a Dealer to view actual samples before purchasing.
*Available in Kensington Rectangle only